Author Topic: Shard Update April 19, 2019  (Read 423 times)

April 19, 2019, 08:59:38 AM

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Version 283
Powder of Blood Rage Updated: Application duration base is now 20 minutes and the infliction base is 20 seconds.  These can both be modified by the craftmenship of the powder.
Powder of Blood Rage Updated: Testing new method weapon powders will be inflicted when hit.  This has a base of 33% chance + a bonus based on the poison skill of the attacker.  At 120 Poison you can achieve the current crafted max of Hit Dispel 50%.  Having a Poison skill over 120 will continue to increase the infliction chance.  (If I like this, I will consider changing other powders over to this rather then use the Hit Display replacement)
Shield of the Rose Added:  Uses Blood Diamonds to increase the level(31).  Primary Skills: Healing/Anatomy, Secondary Skills: Magery or Spirit Speak, Special Prop: Spell Damage Reduction (Max 10%), Special Feature: Rose Touch - Can increase the strength and uses per day.  To use equip item and double click it
Pet Tonics Updated:  Stackable and will not consume entire stack
Bank Tile Updated:  Should catch when people are trying to drag things across
Deco Deeds Added:  15 new items from Domino and Sayla
Dymamic Reward Updated: Expanded error data
Detailed Contract Gump Updated: Expanded error data