Author Topic: Shard Update April 05, 2019  (Read 243 times)

April 05, 2019, 07:23:19 AM

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Version 281
AutoSave Updated:  Previous error handling from original code was incomplete and allowed for a bad save and crash at the sametime.  This has been resolved and allow for intervention.  (Still need to design a better system here with more save guards)
Craft System Update:  Bonding was not correctly determining between a recipe scroll and an ingredient
Craft System Update:  Packages created for quicker testing and testing different issues going forward
Craft System Update:  Started ingredients towards final numbers (Not finished due to crash issues needing resolved)
Package System Updated:  Will now force items in the pack (No matter weight or item count)
Title System Updated: Resolved display issue
Title System Updated: Correctly passing the owner of effect
Dyanmic Logger Updated:  Added instance without mobile info so systems can maintain their own logs
Deco Deeds Added: 14 new items from Sayla
Staff Runebook Updated: Error handling added