Author Topic: Spring Deco Contest!  (Read 596 times)

March 21, 2019, 09:27:49 AM

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Ever dream of a job in professional contracting! Think you've got what it takes to be the champion decorator on Evolution! -or perhaps becoming a pioneer, forging new lands and struggling to feed the family in the most inhospitable of environments is your dream!

Evolution Spring House Design/Deco contest is about to begin! Think, hunger games for the deco crazed!

It's a little different than your typical deco contest. 

Each participant will be given a House in the lovely town of "Fort Auchenshuggle". You will be required to build and decorate the house with only the tools, and resources available.

You will be given a period of 3 weeks to enter the town and work on your house at will. Anyone entering Auchenshuggle,  will be required to disrobe (via a bank stone). Your bank access will be removed.

You will be provided with, an axe, a shovel, and tinker tool. 

All resources must be obtained in the area. There will be trees, mines and sheep/cotton/flax. 

Occasionally special items of limited quantity will spawn (dye tubs for limited periods, deco and deeds).

A few rules:

  •     Once in Auchenshuggle, anything you take out in your backpack can not be returned. There will be no exceptions- If you leave with your only tinker will not be returned to you- so ensure any items you need for your house remain within the village.
  •     Do not attempt to smuggle items into Auchenshuggle. We are sure we have thought of everything to prevent you from getting stuff into Auchenshuggle from outside- however we never under estimate the creativity and intelligence of Evolution players. So...if you try to smuggle anything in- you will be disqualified and risk punishment as if you were attempting to exploit!
  •     You MAY, share items will fellow participants, but! Your kindness may cost you's a dog eat dog world and there can be only ONE winner!
  •     You must contact Domino BEFORE April 1st to save your entry spot! A LIMITED number of participants will be accepted on a first come, first Serve basis!! 

And the prizes.....


1st Place – 750 Market Dollars, 200 Game tokens, 3 Reward keys and a Participation bag

2nd Place- 500 Market Dollars, 100 Game tokens, 2 Reward keys and a Participation bag

3rd Place- 250Market Dollars, 50Game tokens, 1 Reward key and a Participation bag


All participants will receive a participation bag, and event key and 3 weeks of stress and nail-biting for almost nothing!