Author Topic: Shard Update March 01, 2019  (Read 197 times)

March 01, 2019, 07:01:53 AM

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Version 277
Contract System Update:  [ContractStatus now displays all of the categories you have at this time.
Contract System Update:  Handles multiple config files.
Fishing Event System Updated:  Luck Bonus is now applies for being awarded the Siren's Kiss trait (Will be watching to see if need to change the base chance as well)
Fishing Event System Updated:  Participation prize mechanic updated
Fishing Event System Updated:  Added new staff command for me to check on how things are running better
Luck Deeds Updated:  Players can now use to apply to Enchanted Mounts, no more paging needed (If there is an issue please let me know)
Tailoring Craft Update:  Brit Dragon Cloak resource correction
Rugs Added:  33 Rugs that can be hued
Deco Deeds Updated:  A few other new things for this the task system this month
Vecna Corruption Dice Updated:  Timer was doubled up that was spawning coins
Recipe Craft System Updated:  Now in beta.  It crafts the example item (Ring of Gifts) and next week will be expanding for doing Temp Gear
Crafting Chisel Added:  Increases the durability of an ingredient
Crafting Quill Added:  Increases the durability of a recipeVecna's Scribe Rune Updated:  Caused the freeze last weekend.  Placed back in Hide and Seek for further testing