Author Topic: [UOS] Advice me for Discordance macro!  (Read 121 times)

March 06, 2019, 10:15:09 PM

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Sorry for the awkward grammar.
I need to make a discordance use a 'creatlist' and for 0 to 'list'.

At first, prompt alias to created list to use a other macro.

this I made works fine.

and use this list for discormacro below

1. use skill - discordance
2. targeting 1st in list
3. check fail for success.
4. if it fail, re-use skill.
5. if it success, next target.
6. all target in list, use spell - invisibility 'self' and wait 18000ms
7. back to (1)

Here's what I made roughly:

for 0 to 'disclist'
 useskill 'discordance'
 waitfortarget 1500
 target! disclist[]

pls advise me! :)