Author Topic: Shard Update Febuary 08, 2019  (Read 367 times)

February 08, 2019, 06:38:55 AM

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Version 274
Dynamic Consumption Updated:  Ready to start beta testing this on a smaller system to make sure the functionality of the framework is solid (Recipe Craft System Requirement)
Vecna Corruption Dice Added:  You get to use Vecna Coins to pay for a chance to alter the Daily Task Goal (Prior to completing a task for the day) or lower the delay on a task if used after a task has been completed for the day.  (Chance!! because if the results will not favor you, you gain nothing but still pay for the roll).  The cost to roll is randomly determined, both coin type and amount, after each roll the next cost will change. (Currently just Iron, Copper and Bronze Vecna Coins).  Luck and the higher coin values do have an effect on the end result. (This is in testing, I will probably just lock down at brit bank for the time being)