Author Topic: Shard Update Febuary 15, 2019  (Read 344 times)

February 15, 2019, 08:08:24 AM

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Version 275
Dynamic Rewards Updated:  Was not handling sub containers correctly
Fishing Reward Chest Added:  New reward for the Fishing Contest.  Winning will get you Strongbox from one of the Pirate Admirals
Fishing Event Updated:  Changed to new reward system
Treasure Chest Updated:  Incorrect data validation with regard to the chest level
Vecna's Coin Pouch Added:  Key for holding Vecna Coins
Vecna's Minters Toolkit Added:  Key for holding coins and all of the special materials for minting
Vecna Corruption Dice Added:  Handles spawning of coins in random cities on random facets
Vecna Corruption Dice Added:  Will change the price on its own based on events in the tomb
Glimmering Aplite Added: +5 Mace Fighting Augment