Author Topic: Shard Update Febuary 01, 2019  (Read 364 times)

February 01, 2019, 08:14:14 AM

Offline Kane

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Version 273
Daily Event System Updated:  Can now use the [DESNotice command to tell the system you do not wish to see notice gumps from it. At the moment there is just 1 from Power Hour but this will probably expand and cover additional notices in the future.  [DESNotice <Nothing|True/Yes|False/No>  This works for all chars on the account.
MarketPlace Updated: Expanding slot managament (Should be working now, will clear the daily market info from the account when adding new slots.)
Contract System Updated:  Two numbers added to the top of the gump when opened at the Contract Merchant.  [# Contracts in Cat Completed/Total Contracts Completed].  When viewing the gump from the merchant ledger just the total will be displayed.