Author Topic: IDOC House Drop Event at noon!  (Read 757 times)

January 26, 2019, 03:35:44 AM

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The house drops will start at noon cst, meet at Britain Bank and wait for instructions

We will do single public events for all the players, which we will announce to the shard

We will also do random drops on all facets, by the hundreds, so you can find fallen IDOC houses all over the shard

Also make sure and renew all your old properties and accts!  Log in to them ALL to refresh. 

We now have software that auto marks houses for IDOC so we will not personally see many of the houses slated to fall

I will be manually dropping any empty plots and castles that are taking up space or holding
spots.  If there is no activity, items, walls, or indicator that a property is being used, it
will be removed

Please do not complain, this is a free event.  Also do not ask staff for hints...

Enjoy the event!
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