Author Topic: Shard Update January 11, 2019  (Read 300 times)

January 11, 2019, 09:20:00 AM

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Version 270
Dungeon Treasure Chests Updated:  Improved the data validation functionality
Contract System Updated:  Allows for laddering contracts after a completion of X amount in a category or total
Royal Hunt Reward Added:  After the intitial hunt count gets to 150, you will start to get a different badge (First player to post in discord dev a screenshot of the badge will get a special reward.)
Favor of the Royal Hunt Added:  Max 6 tiers, 250 luck bonus and +15% amount healed bonus, +20 Anat and +20 Healing when maxed.
Bandages Updated:  Handle new badge bonus from traits (Normal and everlasting)
Title System Updated:  Expanded Run Code to handle direct Badge Code
Merchant Framework Updated:  Added Marketplace Dollars (These are not physical but rather tied to the account) (You cannot trade or give them away.)
Marketplace System Updated:  ED Purchases can be made with the use of Marketplace Dollars, the system will always take MPD first before any EDS.
Daily Event System Updated:  Added PowerHour to the options available.  2 should run each day 10-14 hours apart.  This should cover every player.  The PH will be random between the many we have available, there will be a gold shield that appears when it starts.  (ToDo:  Add additional notification for when players connect in the middle.)