Author Topic: Shard Update December 21, 2018  (Read 375 times)

December 21, 2018, 07:59:12 AM

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Version 268
BaseJewelry Updated:  Display issue
Ring of Gifts Updated:  Recoded to better fit the desired in game item.
Vecna Alter Updated:  Issue with delay time between offerings resolved.  Also expanded since now something is always given vs the original intent/design was only specials would be rewarded.
Vecna Alter Updated:  Very rare skill augs related to theme now can be rewarded if your offering is accepted (Combat/Spell Casting)
Vecna Alter Updated:  Very high luck can provide a small bonus to the loot table results for accepted offerings
Package System Updated:  Data check upon opening for recent changes when package clicked
Christmas Presents Updated:  Each present will have around 4 things in it, each present has a chance of having a reindeer snack.. you can find the quest giver in the North Pole (Luck deeds and even perhaps one of those special tunics)  Quest items do expire so don't sit on them to long once the present is opened.