Author Topic: Pet Wars Finale and Bonus Competition 12/29/18  (Read 892 times)

December 17, 2018, 03:09:41 PM

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So, we are having the final pet war on Saturday December 29th at 6pm server time. There will only be 5 participants in this finale.Rhoslyn Foraoise
Sabrian Sabbath

The pet for the finale is a chicken! Normal rules apply and max level is 30.

So for everyone else, they will be watching only during this time.

But as soon as the finale is over and we have a winner, we will have a bonus competition. Everyone will be able to join in on this one, but the prize for this bonus round will only be gold and tiny bit of ED.

The pet for the bonus competition is a Cu!
But a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE -- The level cap of the Cu is level 20.
If your Cu is over level 20, then you will not be able to use it.Everything else will be as normal but read the details below.

Bonus Pet Wars Pet: A Cu
Date/Time of Event: Sat December 29th after the Pet Wars Finale
Place: Global Moongate > Quest, Events & Games > Pet Wars
A 1st and 2nd Place Prize, along with participation prizes
for all entries will be up for grabs.
Things to remember while training your beasts:
-Put a Pet Wars tag on your pet before you train it. (Purchased at Brit Banks' Animal Trainer)
-Pet Must be Generation 1
-No Pet Powerscrolls
-No Pet Tonics
-No Bio-pet/Donation pet look-a-likes will be accepted as valid entries.
-Pets max level is 20
A couple rules to keep things running as smooth as possible:
-No PK during events. (Players or Pets)
-No Healing of any form on battling pets.
-Do not cast any spells to boost pet stats.
Day of the Event:
-When its your turn:
--Place pet inside the arena & use the "All Stay" command.
--Walk onto teleporter pad and place yourself inside of the cage.
--When both entries are in place, use command "All Kill" to begin the fight.
-When its Not your turn:
--Please take a seat in the participants seating area.
--Please ask any questions before the event starts as I do go over some rules before the start
-- Please pay attention to the event organizers
--When you win your match please sit in the benches on the south side of the pit inside of the fence
--If you lose your match please see the organizers for you prize bag, after receiving the bag please walk out of the gates and sit in the bleachers if you wish to stay and watch.
All other players who would like to attend without participating are more than
welcome to.  Seats are provided in a seperate section for these guests.

December 18, 2018, 10:12:47 AM
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will you be advertising the cu pet war?

December 19, 2018, 09:06:37 AM
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As much as I can advertise it.

December 23, 2018, 09:46:52 PM
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