Author Topic: Shard Update December 07, 2018  (Read 312 times)

December 07, 2018, 11:15:12 AM

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Version 266
Custom Vendor Updated:  Updated access check in functionality
Fishing Poles Updated:  Location checking
Level Item Manager Updated:  Allows for bonuses from items and consumables
Trait - Soul Eater  Added: Gives a bonus to XP points for level items, Random Spirit Speak Bonus and Luck bonus starting at tier 2.  Max 4 tiers
Consumable - Stolen Soul Added:  Gives the trait Soul Eater for 24 Hours
Base Quest Item Updated:  Changed duration mechanic from seconds to minutes
Stocking Giftbox Added:  Year 2018
Ring of Gifts Added:  10% XP Bonus to level items, +5% Luck Bonus, +5% Gold Bonus from mobs
Eclipse Talisman Max Charge Increase Added:  Deed will increase the max charges on these talismans. 
Dynamic Reward Update:  Issue with grabbing the logging data
Lich Bloood Shard Added:  Can use Vecna Coins to increase the bonus for when applied to Blood Items.
Package System Updated:  Date checking.
Vecna's Alter Updated:  If your offering is accepted you will always receive something;  Lower rewards are the Soul Eater Trait, +1 Max Charge if wearing an eclipse Talisman, Witch Doctor's Sharpening Stone or Lich Blood Shard.  (If you are not wearing the Talisman and you get that as your reward you will not get anything)