Author Topic: Christmas House Deco Contest 2018  (Read 704 times)

November 30, 2018, 08:45:07 AM

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS House Deco Contest!!

The most festive time of the year is upon us!
The best Holiday House Design will take the prize!

Rule stuff: (or fine print)
1. Any size house can be entered however please deco it in its entirety. (if you enter 4 joined 18x18's I will expect them to all be deco'd)
2. Must be Holiday/Festive/Winter themed. Please do not enter grass plots with all your rares locked down just to show off. I expect some thought and effort.
3. Keep custom deco and custom addon deeds to a minimum (VERY IMPORTANT)

To submit your entry enter the public gate system Custom, Domino's Rune Library and drop a rune to your house with YOUR NAME on the rune, into THE RED mailbox.

Entry Cut off: Friday Dec 28
Winner Announcement:Sunday Dec 30
Houses will be judged on effort, originality, staying within theme1st place, A trophy, 500 ED and a Bag of deco goodies2nd Place, A trophy, 100 ED and a Bag of deco goodies 3rd Place,A trophy, 50 ED and a bag of deco Goodies[/b][/font][/color]

I will set up a gated tour of the entries as they come in!   

December 12, 2018, 11:46:12 AM
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One of the greatest features of UO has always been the custom housing!  UO Evolution has added custom deco and features to make the holiday contest more fun than ever!  Create your masterpiece now and enter the Christmas deco contest!