Author Topic: Shard Update November 02, 2018  (Read 308 times)

November 02, 2018, 08:26:29 AM

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Version 260
Vecna Alter Added: Accepts only Vecna Coins which can be crafted using specialized tools and resources.  Approach the alter and state "Vecna Lives" to see if he will accept your offering but be warned as your lack of preperation or respect can offend him, sometimes costing your life and some coins.  Having High luck can help, sometimes even increase the value of your offering.  Rumor has it wearing a Skull of Vecna that has been blessed by fragments and other pieces of his soul can decrease the chance of offending.  The higher the coin will also decrease the chance of offending and reduce the delay between offerings.  Each time you make an offering that is accepted you have a chance of being blessed by Vecna and recieving a Bonus Slot or Mystery Chest [Kas/Vecna].
Shrink Item Updated:  Lost and Found code to allow shard clean up of items. (Still very much in alpha testing)
XMLFind Updated: Data lacked validation and no error handling. (Caused the crash this week)
Dynamic Logging Added:  Allows for better logging of inforation anywhere in the code.
BaseCostume Updated:  Found a few issues of handled errors or lacking in data validation.
Merchant Framework Updated:  Vecna Alter information added
Bonus Set Item Updated:  Seems ready, though already working on new list of things to improve
GlyphStone Updated:  Random feature accessed data incorrectly causing a possible 0 bonus on a selected feature.
Task System Updated:  Improved Logging
AOS Updated:  Bonus Set System turned on.
PlayerMobile Updated:  Added some debuging information.