Author Topic: Shard Update October 12, 2018  (Read 426 times)

October 12, 2018, 08:58:57 AM

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Version 257
Contract System Updated: Improved the Timespan parser for when the reward is a trait.
Trait System Updated:  Added a command for me to remove all traits from players on the shard.  (Trait Cleanup for when issues happen)
Consumables Updated:  Quite a few were deleting stacks rather than consuming 1.  Should be resolved now.
PlayerMobile Updated:  Cleaned up a bit of debug code hitting my screen.
Login Updated:  Additional checks added to ensure all data is in place for a new player
Wolf Constume Updated:  Changed to correct bodytype
Royal Hunter Updated:  Corrected bug with timer on the reward, was lasting 24 days.  All current rewards have neen cleaned up and removed.