Author Topic: Shard Update October 05, 2018  (Read 478 times)

October 05, 2018, 08:58:12 AM

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Version 256
Magic Resistance Updated:  The resistance to spell damage starts at 150, under that the skill works the same as it always has.  Above that you will take less damage based on how high your skill is above 150. (At this time there is no cap and there is a sweet spot but since both may change based on testing and feedback I will not reveal that much detail.)  System is currently turned off ATM until I finish my other update related tasks.  This system is both PvP and PvM.
Login Updated:  Now displays the number of Reward Chest Keys you have.
Fishing Event Updated:  Now tracks fish so they cannot be used repeatedly.
Custom Vendor Stone Updated:  Checks for PackageItems and handles accordingly. (One day I will just recode this mess once and forall)
Tunic of the Hallows Added:  Removed conflict with similarly named item
Arms/Hallow Deed Added:  Just to make it the same as the 2 previous items from last year
Tunic/Hallow Deed Added:  Just to make it the same as the 2 previous items from last year.
Package System Updated:  Now handles multiple files during loading/reloading
Package System Updated:  Allows for setting a date and message, packages with this prop cannot be opened until the current date reaches it.  Until then it will display the message.
Shard Configuration Updated:  Added switch for new Magic Resistance System
Contract System Updated:  New data handled in the rehash.