Author Topic: UO Evolution Grand Auction  (Read 589 times)

October 21, 2018, 10:26:30 AM

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The UO Evolution Grand Auction is today at noon cst!

Oct 21 - UOE GRAND AUCTION at noon cst, All Champion Spawns activated at 7pm
Oct 22 - Fishing Tournament at Noon
Oct 23 - TBA Staff Event
Oct 24 - Great Pumpkin Bash Event
Oct 25 - TBA Staff Event
Oct 26 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday 7pm, Fishing Tournament at Noon
Oct 27 - TBA Staff Event
Oct 28 - All Champion Spawns activated at 7pm, Fishing Tournament at Noon
Oct 29 - Fishing Tournament at Noon
Oct 30 - Costume Contest - House deco Winner Announced
Oct 31 - Great Pumpkin Bash Event, Fishing Tournament at Noon

There are Six new Quests that are only available in October!

>>>OCTOBER Quests for Halloween<<<

"Great Pumpkin Hunt"
See Jack Bumpkin in the center of West Britain! Halloween isn't complete without the UO Evolution annual Pumpkin hunt!

"The Spirit of the Hallows"
Enter Haunted Hallows Catacombs and speak with the Spirit of the Hallows - He has a request with a limited time only Halloween Glyph reward!

"Spooks and Spells"
Cal, the Festival Trinket Vendor has gotten himself in a pickle and needs help retrieving his stolen goods. Find him dishevelved and sobbing near West Britian Bank.

"Stories that Haunt"
Grace, the Amenity Bilbiotheca Librarian in Britian Library will trade a rare book for pumpkins!"Burke Hare, the gravedigger"Burke is quite spooky, but he wants some pumpkins and has things of questionable value to trade...find him beneath Vesper Graveyard

"Costume Quest"
It's NOT too late to get your costume! See Sir Dis Guise, Costume Seller South East Britain...find the costume shop!

You still have time to enter the Halloween house deco contest;topicseen

The Haunted Hallows is still open until the end of the month!  Here is a fun Hallows video to get you in the Halloween spirit>>>