Author Topic: Pirate Month Deco Contest!  (Read 503 times)

September 02, 2018, 05:08:49 PM

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Pirate Month Deco Contest!

Ahoy! All ye fine scallywags! This month we shall be holdin' a special house deco contest. Th' Theme will be nautical/pirate.

Thar will be no restrictions on house size, however; if yer entire house ain't decorated this may work against ye in judgin'!

A few rules:

HOUSE MUST be in theme wit' this months pirate month festivities!- It can be pirate, water, fishin', docks- anythin' nautical.

LAST day t' board will be Friday September 28th! Winner will be announced September 30th!

Houses will be judged on creativity, originality, imagination 'n th' arrrrr! factor!

How t' Enter: Place a rune t' yer house, wit' YOUR name on it,  in th' Red Mailbox at Domino's library, then [pm Domino t' let me know.

Prizes: Th' winner o' th' deco contest will receive 500ED 'n a gift bag includin' a Trophy.