Author Topic: Dragon Cloak Question  (Read 482 times)

August 06, 2018, 04:36:13 PM

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A previous post stated 
"In addition to the points, there are a series of quests you can pursue, which must be completed prior to stage 4.  The quests will add new abilities to your cloak that will be revealed when it reaches stage 4. Whenever you slay one of the Unique/Named creatures (Ex. Gem Dragons, Ancients, Spirilix, Magi, etc)that are among the quests you will receive a message stating you have unlocked one of the secrets.  There are some Unique Dragon Bosses you can kill that will actually increase a cloak's property immediately without reaching stage 4."
Do you have to kill the max in each category or do you get credit for each.  Example – Do I get credit for each Gem Dragon or only if I kill all of them.
Also what are the mentioned  Unique Dragon Bosses?
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