Author Topic: Shard Update July 06, 2018  (Read 340 times)

July 06, 2018, 02:04:12 PM

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Sorry about the delay here, between real life and coding the extra stuff didn't get handled.  So catching up

Version 241
ShrinkItem Updated: Locked pets are now logged
MarketPlace Updated:  Tons of little tweaks

Version 242
MarketPlace Updated: Improved handling of items that store objects

Version 243
Base Storage Key Updated:  Now checks if the item is being viewed before storing
MarketPlace Updated:  Player market data in sync when item is being viewed

Version 244
Necklace of Ice Added:  Spell casting version of the Necklace of Fire
Merchant Framework Updated: Added functionality for Marketplace data
Marketplace Updated: Display functionality recoded

Version 245
Volcanic Eruption Updated:  Added LOS check ( This change may not be the right course, if issues come just let me know)
ShrinkItem Updated: Added new data to the logging of locked pets
Ghost Champ Deed Updated: Corrected spelling, just a display issue
Trait System Updated:  Added staff commands for event traits
Pet Wars Trait Updated:  Added luck to each of the tiers
Hunger Games Trait Added: For the winner of Hunger Game matches.