Author Topic: Upcoming Content Development - Market System  (Read 457 times)

June 21, 2018, 01:40:18 PM

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Upcoming Content Development

Virtual Market System

We have a new "Market" system we are adding to the shard Friday.  It will be an
amazing new addition to the shard and economy. This system will help distribute
every item in the game in a fair and random way to keep items rare.  It will also
encourage players to log in daily to communicate and trade.

Make sure you read the wiki for detailed info and commands

You will need some ED to test the system, so make sure you have some before the
system goes live.  There will be hundreds of items during testing, so this will be
a good time to purchase rares that have never been sold before!

Please report any flaws or bugs in the system asap!

Benefits of the new Market System

*Distributes all items in a random, fair way to all players
*Gives you 24 hours to buy an item from the gump
*Randomizes the high/low price range
*Prevents over-saturation of rare items
*Controls the pace of the addition of new items
*Sets a price cap to control inflation
*Encourages players to communicate and trade items daily
*Removes the Evolution Dollars from the economy, rather than recyle them between
players, lowering inflation
*Automates the trade between players, eliminates the need for GM assistance
*Available 24 hours a day, works for all time zones and players

We will announce when the system goes live, after the Friday morning updates