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January 02, 2017, 09:26:06 PM

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Hey everyone,
I think it is pretty safe to assume that based on you being here or even knowing what Ultima Online is that we potentially share some common interests. I got into Ultima because I grew up loving fantasy stories the likes of King Arthur with knights, wizards, and fantastic creatures. I also take almost nothing seriously so I often enjoy things that might make fun of other things that I love. This sort of falls into that category. The link below is a group that maybe some have heard of or maybe not called Hank and Jed Productions or alternatively known as Neebs Gaming. I have been following them for several years and their series Doraleous and Associates has 49 short episodes of a warrior and his squad of somewhat misfit characters. I warn you that their flavor of humor is definitely not for everyone and while I don't consider them to be over the top by any of today's standards if you are easily offended or dislike the occasional swearword, don't click. If you like this they have several other series and even a full length feature that are worth a look.

January 03, 2017, 01:08:59 PM
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 It took less then 2 minutes of the first episode to have me laughing my eyes out!  ;D

   Good stuff here!  Thanks for sharing this.