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May 02, 2018, 01:35:40 PM

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Please post all of your suggestions for adding new tasks to the [event system

Keep in mind not to make them too difficult, this is meant to be mid level content for everyone to enjoy!

For more information see the wiki:

>>>Custom Task System<<<

The custom Task System is a unique event system. It creates a random mini
quest/task for players to do, that gives instant rewards and progressive rewards by
completing each task. You use the command [event, open up a gump and follow the
directions. Read the instructions and complete the task/quest. Once you complete
the task you get awarded 1 point. As you collect points you will reach milestones
and receive higher rewards...

May 08, 2018, 05:36:55 PM
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Offline Kaida

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I don't really have a suggestion for a new task, but more of a suggested fix for current tasks involving anything to do with the Solen Hives.

Would it be possible to make the tasks we gets be based on the player's relationship/friendship with the Solens? So say I am friendly with the Black Solen, then I would only get quests to help Black, and visa versa.

I was friendly with the Black Solen's but just in one day I received at least 3 different tasks to kill them and eventually had to so I didn't have to keep skipping tasks.

Also, is there any way to make it so that the tasks involving hides and logs can accept leather and boards?

That is it.  8)

Also, I am enjoying this very much though. Great job and thank you!

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May 09, 2018, 05:55:54 PM
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The new Task System is a Wonderful Thing but i would love to get more Tasks that finish off a bit faster ( why kill 30 Lurgs wouldnt 5 be enough ? - specially the slower spawning stuff is anoying with high numbers )

The delay between the Tasks is absoluteley unneeded in my eyes - it just prevents me from going on with the Events thats all

I would also love to Keep my Progress but its reset on every ( week?, month? ) why reset it at all?

My General Idea for new Tasks would be to involve FEL and PVP a bit more - for an instance a typical fel Task could be to survive 30 sec in a battle of min.4 combatants

May 11, 2018, 04:05:15 PM
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Offline Xerosaber

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I think the delay on skipping is good(maybe minus 15 minutes from the range if my suggestion is taken), but I agree that the delay between tasks should be nix'ed. It makes interacting with the system tedious. You can't get in a grove at all. It also makes hitting the daily mark unobtainable for many players. For example, if daily tasks equal 12 for today, given a ~12 minute cooldown on completion, then there will be an average of two hours of delay, plus the time to do the tasks themselves. This could easily workout to 4-5 hours to complete the daily based on the current tasks and not having to skip any of them.

An alternative solution would be to adjust down the daily task range down by 4 on the max and min. This would be a great help, I play a ton and still have only hit the daily twice so far.

Or normalize the task difficulty. Not sure if this one is still in rotation, but anything involving a Gen 2 pet is insanely harder then kill x of monster y. Likewise for kill tasks that need you to kill x of a monster that only has 2 up at a time, with long respawn timers (looking at you Solen Queens). Finally, I agree wholeheartedly with Kaida on the beards and leather. This is exceedingly important since the storage keys automatically chop and cut these resources, and there are no keys that can hold the unprocessed versions of these resources.

It is a great system all around, but I think all the major ranges are off. If it was only one or two of them, I do not believe there would be an issue. But all three being off, in my opinion, makes the system hard to utilize correctly or fully.

I hope this feedback and my analysis help improve this marvelous system.
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May 20, 2018, 07:30:56 AM
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Offline Kujento

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My sentiments on the TES is similar to these guys, awesome idea great potential but often far more frustrating than it should be. I've had days where I've spent 6-7 hours wanting to do tasks but kept receiving the most ridiculous ones; 1500 frostwood, 1250 frostwood, gen 2 Cu, 1500 bloodwood... and my hopes of putting a dent into a milestone were very slowly put to rest.

My suggestion would be to make it so the more time consuming tasks are worth more towards daily and milestone counts... we're supposed to want to complete them after all, right? 1500 frostwood is going to take several dozen times longer than 10 drakes, but both are worth the same to the system. In return I'd be more than happy to complete many more tasks, and in general I think you'd see more player engagement if the system had more consistency.