Author Topic: Shard Update April 30, 2018  (Read 440 times)

April 30, 2018, 08:26:59 AM

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Version 234
BaseHealPotion Updated: Added functionality to check for Traits
ChampionSpawn Updated: Old code never was updated to correctly handle errors
Blood Diamonds Added:  The item used to increase stages in the Blood Ring.  There are different versions, some offer a bonus to the chance for the blood ring to increase when applied. Simple [+0%], Common [+5%], Uncommon [+10%], Rare [+20%], Legendary [+30%], Mythical [+100%]
Blood Beaker Key Added: Storage of Blood Diamonds.
Title System Updated:  Pulled specific title functionality out of the core code and into the specific title.
Blood Ring: A Healing base ring for the month of May with 31 stages.  Stages can be increased by applying a blood diamond to the ring.  The ring will display the base chance of increasing when you run your mouse over it, you will also get a luck bonus and bonus from the specific kind of blood diamond applied that will NOT be diplayed.  Each stage has an equal chance of applying 1 to 2 points of the following groups:  Primary Skill, Secondary Skills, Primary Attrib, Secondary Attrib and Resists.  The first time the skill groups are selected the ring will determine which group will be applied from that point forward.
* Primary Skill:  Healing/Anatomy - Vetenary/Anatomy
* Secondary Skills: Magery/Eval Int - Parry/Tactics - Bushido/Tactics - Animal Taming/Animal Lore
* Primary Attrib:  Bonus Dex/Bonus Int/Bonus Str
* Secondary Attrib: Bonus Hits/Bonus Mana/Bonus Stam
* Tertiary Attrib: Regen Hits/Regen Mana/Regen Stam
* Resists: All 
Blood Diamonds can be found by doing certain tasks, achieving your daily task goal (100% chance), milestones and a few other events/ways that will be announced during the month.
Mother's Breath Consumable Added:  New item added based on which intensity will provide you with an hour long bonus to the amount healed with potions, shorten the delay between healing potion uses, provide healing and anatomy bonuses.  They will be as rewards during the monthly Task Event as rewards.