Author Topic: Shard Update Febuary 23, 2018  (Read 371 times)

February 23, 2018, 08:12:17 AM

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Nice to clean up some outstanding issues, please keep letting me know of the things bothering you.. maybe we can get even more cleaned up.

Version 225
Commodity Deed Updated: Should display the correct commodity now.  If there is still a display issue let me know, your item is still there so relax.
Base Armor Updated:  Now displays Str, Dex and Int Requirements
Base Weapon Updated:  Now displays Max Level in the form of "Level: 5/15"
Dump Command Updated:  Can no longer target Token Trash bags (Exploit)
Daily Event System Updated:  Now can handle champ spawn and messages
Task Event System Updated:  Added a Confirmation gump when refreshing a new task.

Making good progress on the Recipe Craft System, this is the same system that will be used for also crafting Golems and Bios.. plus a few other things down the road I imagine.    Keep in mind the recipe you see there is for me testing, I have no clue yet if it will make it to the actual update yet.