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Adventure Boots Key Quest
Holds Bandages, Zoogi Fungus, Powder of Translocation, Bola Balls and other random Mob Drop items

The quest begins in Britain at the Premier Provisioners and Fish Shop, Speak to Fredrick the shop owner. 

Adventurer's Spirit
Exploring Passages

Ho! Adventurer! Quickly now I need assistance! My brother-in-law, Finniis McTavish went off adventuring. I was crazy to have allowed it but my sister was convinced the no account could make his fortune. The last I heard he was headed off to map and explore the passages to the Lost Lands. Then this morning I received a note saying some fellow at the Trinsic passage had found his bag and would return it for a reward. Go secure the bag's return then explore the rest of the passages for any sign of Finnis.  Return to me after you have collected any clues from the 10 other passages. 

To complete the quest you must find all listed items:

Tin cup
Shop Key
Bag-which require 3 items explained below to obtain.

All items will be marked with Finnis' name and owned by you. There are “fake” items that will spawn in the locations.

For those that do not like spoilers and want to adventure on their own....please stop reading now, other wise, let's begin with the bag. 

McTaishs' Lost Bag
Exploring Passages part two
45 . 36S 53 . 55 W

Travel to the Trinsic Passage and locate the Sinister Looking Stranger.

The stranger turns blood red eyes toward you. Ahh the shopkeeper sent you for his brother-in-laws bag. Very well then but he promised me a reward and you appear to be empty handed!
Tell you what, there is a camp of those savages east of here, it is rumored their warriors sometimes carry special valuable golden artifacts. Bring me back a golden spear, mask and bone armor chest and I shall trade you for the bag. 

Kill these savages until you find all 3 items and return to the the stranger and he will reward you with the bag. 

Meanwhile, start checking the lost lands passages for the remaining missing items. I will list co-ordinates, they are not exact but the items will spawn in the area. 

Shirt- north mines passage 49 . 23S 11 . 2 E 
Cape-Marble building passage 38 .56S 46 . 24E
Bones-Temple Island passage 172 . 10S 81. 50E
Tin cup- Cemetery passage 65 . 55N 101. 15E ( the spawn is in the passage not in the cemetery)Gla
Glasses- Brit passage 19 . 30S 9 . 42E
Shovel- Light house passage 63 . 22N 18 . 42 W
Boots- Ice Dungeon -usually outside the dungeon and around surrounding area.
Key- Delucia  8 . 15S 14 . 12W
Spyglass-inside Fire Dungeon
Ship wreck (must have a ship). Serpent's pillar 36 . 12N 2 . 44E

There is a rune book with all locations at the NEW Guild Hall (Public gate>NEW Player Guild Hall). When you arrive walk north west to the stairs. Climb the western stairs and then the northern stairs. 

Safe Travels
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