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Bod Book Quest

Retrieval of Stolen Rares

Part one:
Vesel's Grief
56 . 46N 50 . 7W

When my father recently passed, he left me his life's work. I was heartbroken to discover that some of my family have stolen some valuable rares. If you return the items to me I can reward you!

The Lost Prophet Scroll Foretelling the Fall of Blackthorne was taken by my Uncle Loki, who lives on the far North East Side of Britian.

The only remaining Book of Verse penned by Dawn was taken by my youngest brother, Regis in Buc's Den.

A painting of Old Haven was pilfered by my Uncle Robert, a farmer in Skara Brae.

Reward: Ultimate Bod Book

Part two:
Loki's Hunger
6 . 46N 22 . 59E

Loki looks at you warily Ah yes. Jin sent you! I expected he would send someone, but I will tell you the truth. I took only what was due. Laboured for my brother for years helping him collect his books and rarities! Then he left it all to his boy, Humph, while I starve! Bring me some food and I will return it. Loki hands you a list

25 apple pies
25 Bread Loaves
25 Baked Meat Pies
50 Peaches

Reward: The Last Prophet Scroll
Part three:
Specialty Brew-Regis
53 . 26S 95 . 20E

Well here you are and here I is, yes i'm veryyy drunk sir, err m'am. Yes drunk. Been drinking since I ran out of that special brew the brewmaster makes. Stuff tastes like Heaven. Get me MORE and i'll tell you where I hid Dawns Book of Verse yup yup.
*cross the road and North a bit to the Brewmaster

Reward: A Book of Verse Penned by Dawn
Part four:
Brewmaster Special
50 . 53S 96 . 11E

Ahhh yes the drunk from Yew! I hustled him to the tavern when he ran out of money. Tried to trade me some silly book of poems, said it was valuable. What would I do with a book of poems. So you want another jug of shine for him do ya! Well bring me back some things I will trade you! I need:
5 empty kegs, the ones alchemists normally use for potions would be fine
50 greater Explosion Potions, never mind why
Your job is just to bring them to me

Reward: Pitcher of Special Brew-Return to Regis
Part five:
A Pretty Painting-Uncle Robert
61 . 47S 36 . 4W

My brother's painting? Oh I did not steal it! My wife admired it very much. She was born in Haven you see and very much interested in the city history. My brother gave the painting to her before he passed. She is very fond of it, but you say his son wants the painting returned? Well I suppose I wouldn't object, but if you would, perhaps you can give my wife something in return? When Old Haven was abandoned and overrun with the dead some artifacts were left behind. Find me two artifacts and I will trade you.

*Visit old Haven and recover 2 artifacts. Known at this time, there are soul stone fragments, a weather worn statue, a bell of Haven, and an armoire.

Reward: A Painting of Old Haven
*Return to Jin Vesel in Yew for your finale reward.

Quest can be completed once per day.
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