Author Topic: The UOE Christmas Auction is Sunday at noon!  (Read 440 times)

December 16, 2017, 02:40:58 PM

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The UOE Grand Auction is Sunday at noon!

Join us for the 7th Annual Christmas Auction on UO Evolution!

UO Evolution is also hosting the 12 days of Christmas!  Each of the 12 days will have a unique quest to complete withing 24 hours. Each quest has a different prize, so log in each day and go to the "North Pole" on the moongate to get the current quest info

Quest of the day is at North Pole, quest giver is outside. 

The "Santa's Lost Reindeer Quest" starts at the bridge outside of Britain, near the bank.  The Reindeer are found in forested areas around Trammel towns

Happy Holidays!

Our 7th Anniversary of the Shard is coming uo in January, watch for announcements!

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