Author Topic: Happy Thanksgiving! from UO Evolution!  (Read 528 times)

November 22, 2017, 12:12:52 PM

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Thanksgiving Weekend Special Events!
*Turkeygeddon Champion Monster Bash! Daily at 7pm
The infamous giant turkey has returned for another year! Bring your knife and fork to this battle! Fun "harrower" type of event with stat scrolls, deco and rares!
*Turkey Hunts - Random Times hosted by Staff
Hide and seek events to find the wild turkey!
Fun for all, easy event, prizes
*Black Friday
This event will be held on Friday the 24th at 5pm
Meet at brit bank for a screenshot at 5pm and wait for a gate to the event
We will open up the doors and let everyone rush in for the shopping spree
Bring all types of currency, you never know when you see a good deal!
Items can be free, stolen with skill, purchased from stones and raffles
Look fast and buy faster, items may run out, sometimes only 1 item available or time expires...pure chaos

And we are doing Double ED for any donation Wed-Fri for the Holiday!  Thank you all very much for the support of this project!  We are celebrating our 7 year anniversary next month!