Author Topic: Shard Update November 10, 2017  (Read 521 times)

November 10, 2017, 10:18:52 AM

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Version 208

*Morsax Quests Updated: Some tweaking and added random factors to parts
*Config Champ System Updated:  Rewards for damage done through out the entire champ should be resolved
*Blend with Forest Spell Updated:  Now uses Animal Taming vs target's Necromancy skill to determine length of duration.

*Rare Augments added to the socket display room vendor stones
*Rare Parry tools added to the vendor stones at the fletcher shop in Britain
*New Alchemy Shop is located in the new player castle with rare powders
*The masonary shop has moved to East Britain with a new quest

New Quests on UO Evolution

*Storage Key Quests

Bod Book (see Jin Vesel the rare book dealer in east yew) and Stone storage (See Shem Crow the stone mason in east britian Stone shop) key quests both been added this month!

*Turkey Hunt Quest

Pay a visit to Angus the Famous Turkey Farmer SE Britian- his entire family showed up for Thanksgiving and he's got a Turkey problem he needs help with!

*War of Masters quest

Seek out the Guardian of Faith who lives in a monastery that is located far north of Luna in Malas.
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