Author Topic: Parry Damage Kits on Melee Weapons  (Read 555 times)

October 27, 2017, 10:17:03 AM

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With PvP becoming less and less diverse (parry damage kit mortal bow, swapping to parry damage kit repeating crossbow), players are pidgeonholed into a narrow window of effective weapons to choose from.  I've spent some time on the field since playing more frequently, and it is nearly a cookie cutter scene, save for a few hold outs who use melee weapons effectively (TheToedSloth, that No-Dachi hurts).

I've harped on over my opinion of the parry kits, and most know how I feel about them, but if we are to embrace them, why not allow us more diversity in the use?  Not only would melee parry damage kits bring in LOTS of ED for the shard, but it would give us more diversity on the field, and make use of some of the incredible custom melee weapons available.  To me, the concept makes more sense too...It seems unlikely that an arrow from a standard bow would penetrate the Legendary Shield of Sin more than the slamming concussion of a war hammer.

Allowing the use of Parry Kits on melee weapons would open up HUGE numbers of different play styles, AND remove some of that hoarded ED from the shard.  Win-win-win.

October 27, 2017, 04:53:44 PM
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Yes and no. Parry Kits do have added value. However, there won't be a mass exodus of the archery weapons unless you allow ALL weapons the balance ability. The fact that a player can chug without disarming is why archery weapons are the cookie cutters of Evolution. A good suggestion nonetheless.