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October 04, 2017, 12:46:16 PM

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Please read this important message to all players:

This shard was created for all players to enjoy equally.  We have had great success with growing the playerbase and developing a thriving community.  The rules and policies have been written so there are guidelines and structure, but were not meant to be enforced like a dictatorship.  Many players and groups have taken advantage of the staff by disregarding the rules, ignoring warnings and have not changing their behavior after discipline.

This shard will no longer tolerate rude behavior toward staff or players.  Please read the rules asap, because merely stating that you have not read the rules and "did not know" will no longer be an excuse.

Rules will now be strictly enforced

UO Evolution wanted to create a balanced world for all types of players.  We have pve, pvm and pvp all in the same shard along with tons of custom content and items.  It is very hard to make everyone happy on a custom shard.  We are NOT an OSI clone and never will be!  We are UO Evolution CUSTOM SHARD and intend to be different and "better than the original" which I think we have succeeded.

Evo has an open-door policy and Dante is available daily to take care of any concerns.  A few players think that means it's alright to curse at me, tell me i'm stupid, make threats, and disrupt the shard if I do not comply with ther wishes or agree with their point of view.  I assure you that I do personally read and respond to every post and email, as long as they are civil discussions.  I will no longer tolerate rude posts, negative email or attacks on the shard.  I will merely ban you for the disruption and assume you don't like playing here.

Many players feel it nessessary to express their opinions in a harsh manner and think that causing dissent on the shard and rallying opinions against the shard, staff and rules is the way to make changes.  You are absolutely wrong!

We have over 500+ players online daily, each with their own opinions.  We cannot listen to every suggestion or agree with every opinion.  It's just impossible to please everyone, but I assure you, the staff considers all points of view and does what is in the best interest of the shard.

Players do still have the right of free speech, in general.  You do not have the right to curse, make racial remarks, be rude or undermine the goals of this shard.  If you disagree with a staff member or a shard policy, you may discuss this with Dante, in private.  Do not make a scene in public, in chat or on the forums, trying to get your friends to post support for your "cause" or any disruption to the shard that may disturb the majority of players may result in losing your priveledges

The staff does not favor one group or another over friendships, donations or any other influence.  We actually made this shard because of all the corruption, cheating and unfair treatment that I had experienced in the past.  Staff never allows a player to cheat for any reason.  Everyone is treated the same, no exceptions.  Any player that makes a false statement, starts a rumor or runs a "crusade of propaganda" against the shard or a staff member will be immediately suspended.

The original game of Ultima Online was a very harsh game of hardcore pvp and player killers.  There was no safe facets, no insurance, no staff, or anyone to complain to if there were any griefing or just had to deal with it, or not play.

UO Evolution was designed with the original game flaws in mind and we set out to make a shard that would address many of the issues that made many players quit.

UO Evolution has pvp, but is nothing like the originl game, for good reason.  It was too harsh for the majority of players and the barrier to entry was too great to retain players.  Evo added many safe facets, insurance, bless deeds, res stones etc to balance the gameplay for all.  We even added hundreds of quests to obtain many of the key items in game.  There is no need to "fear" pvp, it is very mild on Evo compared to the original game.  To keep the balance for the Red players, Evo has added many artifacts and rare items only in Felucca, so obtaining the items have an element of danger.  Each player has to assess "risk vs reward" before entering a pvp facet.  The element of danger is what makes us play the game!  The players that pk are merely "intellegent monsters" that guard the important treasure and keep the shard in balance...

The original game relied on skill templates, so there was no diversity.  Evo allows all skills to be used and developed.  We have created reasons to use every skill in the game.  We have also developed custom content, not in the original game that makes the shard well rounded and fun for all players

The Evo staff is the best I have ever worked with, and should be treated with respect.  Everyone is very skilled, dedicated and have volunteered there time for many years to make this shard a great place to play the game we all love. We all work hard to improve the shard daily, and do allow player input. 

Please make sure you consider your words before you post, chat, or discord and try and make this a better community rather than finding fault to tear this shard down

After all the dust settles, we all love UO Evolution.  Get back to playing the game and have fun!