Author Topic: Does it have to be so tedious?  (Read 470 times)

September 12, 2017, 02:29:26 AM

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A good many of the quest in Evo are pretty interesting, that is until you try them. I decided this go around with the Infamous Pirate Quest, I'd illustrate...

As most know, the first few item on the quest are relatively easy to acquire for a decently trained/equipped character. It always comes down to Captain Kid. So, since the last time I came across him until today, I kept every rope from every Kraken that always seems to be there. So here you go.
(See attached picture)
Yes, that is 380 trips through Mistas and past the Pirate Guardians to yet another Kraken before Captain Kid gave me his head once again. But that isn't the whole of it is it? No, the Quest grief has only begun. All I have only ever wanted from this quest were those awesome +15 Stealing earrings. But after all those tedious trips, now we must endure the nefarious random selection. So, ya, after you have officially completed the quest you might get what you want.
Great, so multiply that tedium times however many times you have to go through it until, Gasp! You finally get what you want. Tonight it happened. No more Cursed boots, No more Cursed hats, shirts, and swords to throw unwanted into a box. I got the earrings... and I couldn't feel more cheated and disappointed... To punctuate how cruel the quests are, even with my uber 5410 luck suit. My earrings turned out to be only +10 instead of the +15 touted on the reward table.

Ya, I know all the hub-bub about things should be challenging to get the good stuff and some things are intended to be rare. (Or bought since we are a *cough* free shard) I'm all for having a good time figuring out how to obtain something and putting in the work to get there. But that is simply pitiful. And to me, intentionally cruel.

September 12, 2017, 09:46:11 AM
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1) You don't have to do the quest!
2) The quest is fairly easy for mid-level players, and the valuable item is obtainable
3) It keeps players logging in and active
4) It drops a very valuable +15 item, do you want everyone to have it?
5) it's randomness keeps it interesting, it's fun to get lucky
6) The scarcity keeps the item valuable
7) most free shards don't even have quests, let alone hundreds of quests to entertain you...
8) we do have noobie quests that are very easy and drop an item 100% of the time

I'm sorry you don't feel your +10 earrings were worth the effort

September 12, 2017, 11:09:31 PM
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Most creatures for quests items are on a very long respawn timer.  When you are able to, not all areas allow it, set a recall rune for a location and make it something you check every hour or two.  I did that for multiple quests, used to have a nice quest mob rotation I would go through that took me about half an hour or so.

You should try to get the Orc Skin Shoes as well.

Also the quest for the Cleric Spell book is a good one, simple yet a lot of players hunt for them.