Author Topic: August Donations and Updates 2017  (Read 1850 times)

August 01, 2017, 08:27:36 PM

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We have made a few changes to the donation structure to help regulate the economy and make more of the top items available on lower tiers of the donation page.  We are also going to allow players to buy top items while donating, at the last auction price.

We just updated the donation page and the ED stone at Britain bank. We will now update the stone every 2 weeks and add more of a variety of items.  They may be in limited supply, so you may have to purchase quick to get a rare item!

There have also been requests to make custom donation packages for larger amounts, contact Dante for details.

Subscription donations will continue to be double ED, but if you cancel within the month you will lose the option in the future to get the double benefit, so please be wise with the monthly amount

We have a lot of new items coming asap with all the custom Vecna content!

Hope everyone likes the new changes, tyvm for all the continued support of this project!