Author Topic: Mystical Order of Sanctus Walkthrough: Scribe Key  (Read 1267 times)

April 27, 2017, 08:54:55 AM

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Quest giver Brae, Sanctus High Priest
 Starting Point: Moongate > llshaenar Dungeons > Spectre
Quest Reward: Scribe Key

 Ella, Meer Spellkeeper 
Travel to llshanaer Cities, Lakeshire and speak to Ella Meer Spellkeeper  (go behind the bookshelves into the basement). Travel to the Savage Camp kill and collect hearts:
·         Savage Mage Heart
·         Swamp Siren Heart
·         Juggernaut Heart from castle (sometimes outside
    Return to Ella for spell reward
 Sumi, Gwenno Cult Follower 
Travel to llshaenar Shrine Honor, go up north to just before bridge to Gwenno's grave, kill the grave keeper and loot the key, just over the road to the west is the quest giver Sumi Gwenno Cult Follower for spell reward
 Uburne the Black Cult Spelldealer 
Travel to ratman lair South from the Shrine of Honor and go down to the basement,  A book will spawn on the ground and needs 2 pages off the ratmen (Any 2 pages will work, mix or match) to complete,  then come back north near the inn and speak to Uburne The Black Cult Spelldealer he will give you a spell
 Black Cult Mage  
Travel to Montor and kill the Wizard called the Black Cult Mage he drops the spell.
  Tiaghay, the Gypsy 
Travel to the Desert outpost near the Ancient Citadel, kill and collect easy mobs along the shore and collect bones of the father, brother and mother then go to the Gypsy in the Gypsy camp called Tiaghay to collect scroll
 Ailey Barkridge  the Witch  
Ella also says, Travel to Wisp Dungeon  and seeks the Witch named Ailey Barkridge the Witch she wants you to kill and collect Blazing Wisp Core, Icebound Wisp Core and Windy Wisp Core and she will give you a spell.
 Cane the Hairy White Spider  
Travel to Spider Cave then north around the mountain just over the bridge and speak
 to Cane the Hairy White Spider, kill Pixiea all along the forest by Mushroom Cave  and
collect 5 eggs and 1 spider web and he will give you a spell
 Ailith Expelled Sanctus Mystic 
Travel to the Pass of Karnaugh, north West of Compassion.  On the outside of the building
 on the west side speak to Ailith Expelled Sanctus Mystic she wants you to kill the hulk
 and bring her a basket and she will give you a spell
 Volesh the Gargoyle Mage 
Travel to Gargoyle City and speak to Volesh the Gargoyle Mage, he wants you to  travel to Exodus Dungeon and kill his ancestors and bring him 5 urns and he will  give you a spell
  Corrupted Flesh of Thantos 
Travel to the Ancient Liar and kill the Corrupted Flesh of Thantos and loot the  last spell you need!
Return to Brae 10 spells:
     1)  Sanguinem Aqua )Blood Water)
     2)  Multi Ranis (Many Frogs)
     3)  Pediculosus (lice)
     4)  Musca (Flies)
     5)  Pestilencia (Pestilence)
     6)  Vomica (Boils)
     7)  Indignatio Caelum (Fury Sky-Hail)
     8)  Locusta (Locusts)
     9)  Obscurmum (Darkness)
     10) Primogenita Mors (Death of Firstborn)

April 29, 2017, 02:34:18 PM
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 This was a fun, and challenging quest. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Well done Domino!

May 05, 2017, 03:51:05 AM
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Very funny and amazing quest.
Congratulations to staff.

May 08, 2017, 07:49:55 AM
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Woot! Looking forward to doing this one, thanks Dom!