Author Topic: Pet Oinment & Tonic Crafting (aka Advanced Vet Kit) Guide  (Read 1752 times)

March 18, 2017, 06:24:15 PM

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Hi all, I have realized there are so many people who wants to know about pet ointment/tonic crafting system and I wanted to share all I know, hope this helps a bit  :)

Let's start with the tools and materials we are going to need/use:

Also, to be able to craft ointments&tonics we have to be close to an elven stove:

So, there are 2 types of items you can use on your pets: ointments for resists (fire, cold, poison, energy and physical); tonics for stats (strength, dexterity and intelligence).
All ointments&tonics require a main skill (cooking) at high levels (150+ might be needed for 100% success) and a few other side skills at mid level (120 is enough mostly).

The "Pet Restore Key" can be bought for 1 million gold by the gold stone (red one) at the animal trainer next to Britian Bank.

Skills: All ointments require a minimum of 80 cooking and 55 veterinary as well as 55 with another side skill. 150 cooking, 120 veterinary and 120 in the other side skill is enough to have 100% success.
Materials: All ointments require 30 dragon blood and 100 clean bandages as well as 5 of a spesific custom item (red leaves, orange petals, slumgum and green thorns)

1-Fire Resist Animal Ointment:

2-Cold Resist Animal Ointment:

3-Poison Resist Animal Ointment:

4-Energy Resist Animal Ointment:

5-Physical Resist Animal Ointment:

Skills: All tonics require a minimum of 85 cooking, 75 taste identification, 75 alchemy 75 with another side skill. 150 cooking, 120 alchemy and 100  taste identification and 120 in the other side skill is enough to have 100% success.
Materials: All tonics require 15 spring water, a vial of restorative goo and a spesific big gem (blue diamond/ecru citrine/dark sapphire).

1-Tonic of Strength

2-Tonic of Dexterity:

3-Tonic of Intelligence:

Once we have our ointments&tonics, let's see what happens when we apply them on our pets.
Each ointment increases your pets resists by 1% to 4%, random for each use.
Each tonic increases your stats by 1 to 4, random for each use.
All pets have a limit for ointment/tonic usage though, which we can see at the bottom right when we move our cursor on them:

Each time we use any ointment or tonics on our pet, that restore value increases (that means all pets have 0/xxx restore limit at first)

---How can we gather these materials?---
Advanced vet kits by monster contracts, vial of restorative goos by felucca dungeon chests, dragon blood by dragons/drakes/bouras, orange petals-red leaves-green thorns by planting, slumgum by beehiving, spring water by druids, blue diamond-ecru citrine-dark sapphire by gold panning.

---Is that increase permanent or temporary?---
All ointment/tonic effects are permanent. We can use as much as ointments/tonics on our pets, till we reach the restore limit.

---Why do some pets have around 100 restore limit while others have up to 700-800?---
Restore limit for pets were about 100 for all, till a few months ago. Then we had an update which let us have increased limit for newer pets than that update.

That's all, please feel free to ask your questions and do fix if you think something is wrong. Thanks  :)

March 18, 2017, 07:51:08 PM
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  This is pure gold & gets a +1 from me.

Saw nothing wrong with it... and I even learned a few things. In my opinion it can go right to the wiki, whenever the boss is ready to put it up.



March 19, 2017, 12:12:27 AM
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March 19, 2017, 01:20:01 AM
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Wow Lys strong work... very informative and very well written. Great job!

March 19, 2017, 11:47:22 PM
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Great write-up. *applies some sticky to the post*