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February 20, 2017, 10:12:31 AM

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Aviation Investigation Report
Pre-Valentine Cupid Flight
Employee ID 3433JU7
Aviation Investigation Report 6768909YU
Loss of Control and in-flight breakup
Pre-Valentine Cupid Flight G-COM
Point of Origin: A Little Slice of Heaven Vendors, Desert Area/Malas Facet
Destination: Britain Bank, Trammel Facet
In the Early morning hours of February 3rd the  pre valentine flight of Cupid Employee ID number 3433JU7, crash landed in the town of Nujel’m. No pre-flight plan had been filed with the aviation board. This flight was both unplanned and unscheduled. The Cupid claimed his flight had been interrupted by an object (origin unknown) hitting him from the ground. This investigation will seek to determine if said object did throw Cupid off course and if said object existed, its origin, intent and purpose. This investigation will also seek to determine if the accident could have been prevented and what actions in future could prevent similar incidents.

History of Flight
While on duty Cupid was performing his assignment at A Little Slice of Heaven Vendors. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  After seeing to assigned tasks. Cupid testified to the investigator that he had undertaken his flight early, as during the month of February work overload is extreme and Cupids are often called upon to work shifts as long as 16 hours.  Takeoff was uneventful and pre flight checks showed no noticeable problems. Flight path took Cupid directly West to 51 degrees North: 155 degrees West. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx At this point Cupid feeling fatigued determined that he should adjust course slightly to stop in Nujel’m. He adjusted course 5 degrees  south and proceeded to the island of Nujel’m. The weather was clear and despite the early hour there were no discernible visual issues. Cupid’s have very good eyesight and in the interview this Cupid advised that the moon was quite bright and he had no difficulty. Upon his approach to land, Cupid advised that he felt an object clip his right wing. He attempted, but failed to right and found himself spinning and unable to correct. Landing was hard and tore a hole in the Common Ground directly north of Nujel’m bank.  The impact was large enough to drive Cupid through the Facet and into Ilshenar.
Several hours passed before a passing hunter discovered Cupid, unconscious and reported the accident.
Wreckage Description
The Hole at the sight of impact was approximately 2x2 tiles. Sand and debris scattered the area. Cupid lost his Bow, Quiver as well as numerous arrows. A significant amount of magical fairy dust, enough for local authorities to post warning signs was, and still is floating around in the area. A large love potion spill also poses a significant risk to wildlife in the area.
On the Ilshenar side the damage is less noticeable. Items which will be discussed later in this report were scattered both near and far from the landing site. Suggestive of the spinning motion of Cupid before impact.

Causes of in-flight Breakup
The investigator determined that items lost by cupid may provide some clues as to the causes of the in flight breakup. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Despite Cupid’s insistence of being jarred from the sky by an object hitting him, no evidence has been found that any object or projectile hit Cupid.
It was found that the day prior to this early unplanned assignment Cupid had been playing poker and drinking heavily. The investigator further discovered that even though large amounts of fairy dust had been found at the scene, the amount was far less than would normally have been carried by a Cupid. Restocking of Cupid’s normally occurs within the last week of January, prior to the busy time of year leading up to February 14th. Interviews with Cupid’s supervisor yielded signed logs of Cupid 3433JU7 having restocked his love potion and fairy dust inventory the day before.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Examination of the items lost by Cupid in Ilshenar led the Investigator to question the owner of Saco Pawn and Loan. This questioning led to a raid upon the Pawn shop by local authorities, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx where a large amount of Fairy dust and a smaller amount of Love Potion was recovered. It was determined after further questioning that said items had been sold to Saco Pawn and Loan by Cupid 3433JU7.
Toxicological tests immediately following the transport of Cupid to a medical facility were positive for high levels of ethanol (alcohol), with 3 samples showing similar blood alcohol concentrations.
The investigation found nothing to indicate that any visual impairment, or outside force  could have contributed to the in-flight breakup before or during the flight. Cupid was flying within his weight and centre-of-gravity limits at the time of the accident.
While flying under the influence of alcohol, with very little sleep and with a sense of urgency, the Cupid made errors in flight while navigating the course correction to Nujel’m.
1.       Cupids’ flight times and shifts be limited to 12 hours maximum, and they shall not return to a second shift without an 8 hour break.
2.       Random alcohol tests be performed on Cupids, especially during high stress months.
3.       The Cupid authority should endeavor to hire more Cupids to work seasonally.
4.       The Cupid Authority undertakes an educational program for all employees stressing the Dangers of Alcohol abuse while flying.
5.       Fairy Dust and Love Potion be signed out in smaller amounts.
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Thanks for the thorough report Domino. At least someone out there is doing there job! (I'm looking at you Cupid).

~ Reside

February 20, 2017, 02:29:56 PM
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Good lord...  And here I was feeling sorry for him, so much so that I spent countless hours scanning the Ilshenar countryside looking for items to recover and turn in to the cupid left in charge at his crash site.  I do hope he recovers completely but hope even more he has learned alcohol and flying don't mix.

February 24, 2017, 08:20:44 AM
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Cupid would respond to the well wishers personally, however court mandated rehab prevents him from having internet access. :)