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HOW TO Macro all UO Skills using UO RAZOR

Alchemy: With a lot of reags, bottles or keg, start using this chart:

0 – 65 make Cure Potions
65 – 85 make Greater Cure Potions
85 – 95 make Greater Poison Potions (Much cheaper)
95 – 100 make Greater Poison

Anatomy: Buy a Horse, and save the following macro:

Use Skill Anatomy
Wait for Target
Target Absolute (target your horse)
Pause Wait 1000 (1 sec)

Animal Lore: Using that same Horse you used for Anatomy, use the same macro, but instead of Anatomy, use Animal Lore

Use Skill Animal Lore
Wait for Target
Target Absolute
Pause Wait 1000 (1 sec)

Archery: Keep firing arrows :P

Arms Lore: Same of Anatomy or Animal Lore, but target a random weapon (if you want, use that initial dagger)

Animal Taming: You cant macro this easily, but follow this chart:

Buy up to 30 from an animal trainer.
30 – 60 tame small animals, anything you can find.
60 – 70 try to tame hinds, polar bears, snow leopards, and Grey/white wolves.
70 – 80 continue to tame the wolves, try maybe dire wolves, and add great hearts.
80 – 100 keep taming great harts and try bulls and frenzied ostards.

Begging: Use the Begging skill in NPC's... after you sucessed begging, NPC will not allow you to beg for 5 minutes in that same NPC... so go in a big city. Hard to macro.

Blacksmith: With a lot of iron ingots, follow this chart FOR FAST GAIN (uses more ingots):

0 – 35 Buy from NPC
35 – 45 Making ringmail. Start with the sleeves and work up to the legs and tunic.
45 – 55 Making heavy weapons. Start with heavy swords (long, broad, Viking) then add in krysses, and as you get mid 50s start with big two handed axes.
55 – 65 Making Short Spears and plate gorgets.
65 – 75 Making Long Spears and gorgetes.
75 – 85 Making plate sleeves and helms
85 – 95 Making plate legs.
95 – 100 Making plate tunic.
100-120s Keep making plate tunic, be prepared: you will use a lot of ingots.

Or use this chart (more economic but take more time):

0 29.1 Buy with Gold
29.1 49.5 Dagger 3 Ingots
49.5 95.2 Short Spear 6 Ingots
95.3 106.3 Plate Gorg 10 Ingots
106.3 108.8 Plate Glove 12 Ingots
108.8 112.5 Plate Helm 15 Ingots
112.5 116.2 Plate Arms 18 Ingots
116.2 118.7 Plate Legs 20 Ingots
118.7 120.0 Plate Tunic 25 Ingots

If you want, make a macro to click in Make Last Gump, just record your macro clicking in Make Last Button.

Bowcraft/Fletching: With a lot of logs, follow this chart (if you want, make a macro to click Make Last Gump, like in Blacksmith).

0 30 Buy from NPC archer
Once at 30 carve bows from logs till you reach 40.
Once you hit 40 continue to craft bows.
Once you reach 60 in skill you’ll want to craft heavy crossbows. You can still gain off bows and regular crossbows still, but you gain faster with heavys.

Carpentry: With a lot of logs, follow this chart (if you want, make a macro to click Make Last Gump, like in Blacksmith).

0 – 50 Craft Mostly small boxes and crates, alternating with a few of the hardest item you can make at your skill level.
4-mid 50s craft trinsic or Vesper chairs
50 – 65 Craft Wooden shields mostly, alternating with a few large crates, plain thrones, and benches.
65 – 75 Craft same as 50-65, but maybe add writing desks.
75 – 85 Craft Gnarled Staffs and Quarterstaffs.
85 – 95 Craft Gnarled Staffs mostly..
95 – 100 Craft Gnarled Staffs mostly, but try to make easels, beds, or water troughs.

Cartography: Follow this chart:

From 30 - mid 60 make local maps
mid 60 - 99.5 make world maps. making city maps will also work but I have found its slower
99.5 - 100, find Lv2+ treasure and decode by yourself.

Chivalry: Use Consecrate Weapon until you can cast Diviny Furis... start using diviny fury until you can cast Dispel Evil, and finish using EoO (enemy of one).


Grab those raw fish steaks I know you all have laying around and cook them singly. Yay its so exciting!

Cooking is one of those skills that was left in the dark while developing it. Past about 60 skill you have few options to GM it quickly. So if you really want to be a cook be patient.

Detect Hidden: Make the follow macro:

Use Skill Detect Hidden
Wait for Target
Target Absolute (target Ground)

Eval Int: Same macro of Anatomy, just use Eval Int Skill...

Fencing: Fight using a fencing skill.

Fishing: Go to a Dock and Fish.

Forensic Evaluation: Go to a place where there are usually bodies. I just did this at brit bank and targeted bodies that got guard whacked. Just macro "use skill=Forensic, last target." Should be no time till your GM.

Healing: Find a Friend and keeping hitting him and healing him... You can macro Weapon Skill + Anatomy + Tactics + Healing in this way... The reason you always need to practice healing on someone else is because the healing timer is significantly lower when healing someone else. You can GM from someone else in half the time then you can from healing yourself.

Hiding: Make the Following macro:

Use Skill Hiding
Pause Wait 10000 (10 sec)

A Good place to macro it is in Brit Bank or Luna...

Inscription: Follow this chart:

40 Train from NPC
40 – 50 High 4th level spells or low 5th level spells. I recommend recall because people will buy these from you.
50 – 60 Scribe high 5th level. I like to scribe mark spells because again people buy these.
60 – 70 High 6th level and low 7th level. I like gate travel scrolls because - well because of money.
70 – 80 7th and low 8th level spells. These scrolls will sell to vendors for like 200 apeice too so they are nice.
80 – 100 Summon elementals because they use less regs

If you do not have the resources to get to 50 by scribing recalls, then you can go to a provisioner NPC and buy their little purple books. Right something in the book and close it. Now use inscription skill on them and target the other book. You should be able to gain until 50 by copying the book back and fourth.

Item ID: Same macro of Arms Lore, but use Item ID skill...

Lockpicking: Get a hold of 20 to 30 locked chests/crates (remember - not magic locked). You will not be able to unlock GM made locked boxes so get crappy ones from a crappy carpenter. One way I was able to GM this easily was by having a carpenter the same skill as I was. I would have my carp make boxes at 30 skill and pick them until I was 40 skill and then my carpenter would be at 40 skill and so on and so fourth. Therefore, you are staying in a gainable difficulty.

Lumberjacking: Chop Tress or Hit using a Axe.

Mace Fighting: Same as Fencing.

Magery: Follow this chart:

50-80 Invis
80-GM Mana Vamp

If you're training magery & resist and do not want to macro healing your target, the best gains for both skills are:

50-65 Mana Drain
65-100 Mana Vamp

If you'd rather damage/heal for quicker gains:

50-65 Mana Drain
65-85 Energy Bolt
85-100 FS

Meditation: Up it with magery, or make a macro:

Use Skill Meditation
Pause Wait 10000 (10 sec)

Mining: You cannot macro this for the most part unless you use a bot or some other evil thing. Just go to a mountain range and mine. If you want to keep your ore then go to places around Destard where they have forges set up along the mountain side. Make sure you can recall or something. Miners = easy pray for pkers.

Musicianship: Make the following macro with some Lap Harp in your bag (around 10)

Double click: Lap Harp
Pause Wait 2000 (2 sec)

Or macro it with Peacemaking...

Double click: Lap Harp
Pause Wait 1000 (1 sec)
Use Skill Peacemaking
Wait for target
Target Self
Pause Wait 9000 (9 sec)

Necromancy: Follow this Chart:

0-30 Buy from NPC
30-40 Use Wraith Form
40-70 Use Horrific Beast
70-99 Use Lich Form
99-120 Use Vampiric Embrance

Parrying: With a shield, find someone to hit you.

Peacemaking: Use this Macro with some Lap Harp in your bag:

Double click: Lap Harp
Pause Wait 1000 (1 sec)
Use Skill Peacemaking
Wait for target
Target Self
Pause Wait 9000 (9 sec)

Poisoning: Use this chart:

50 use lesser poison
50 – 68 use normal poison
68- 95 use greater poison
95 – 100 use deadly poison

Provocation: Hard to macro... Just Provoke mobs.

Resist Spells: Follow this chart:

0 – 50 Fireball & Lightning
50 - 70 Mindblast or Mana Drain. Mana Drain doesn't gain you as fast but saves mana and Health.
70 - 90 Mana vamp
90 - 100 Mana Vamp

Snooping: Go to Felluca and keep Snooping bags... or find a friend and Snoop him/her bag.

Spirit Speak: Make this macro:

Use Skill SpiritSpeak
Pause Wait 10000 (10 sec)

Stealing: One of the best ways to gain i have found:

Get a wooden box, Exceutioners axe, short spear, and long spear.
Put the shortspear in box and steal from 0 - 50.
Macro = Steal Target Short Spear, Drag back to box. Wait 10 secs, Loop.
At 50 replace short spear with long spear
75 repleace long spear with Ex axe

Skill VS. Stone Chart:

10 - 1 stone
20 - 2 stones
30 - 3 stones
40 - 4 stones
50 - 5 stones
60 - 6 stones
70 - 7 stones
80 - 8 stones
90 - 9 stones
100 - 10 stones

Stealth: Follow this chart:

Buy skill to mid 30s
30 – 63 Start out naked/normal clothes.
After you pass 50 put your clothes back on in many layers (pants, skirts, aprons, robes, cape, hat, ect) and do the same thing you did to get to 50
60 – 80 with the clothes you have on add plate gorget and plate gloves or studded suit.
80 – 90 you will want to add plate arms some time soon.
90 – 100 take off all clothes and armor and just wear a chain tunic or closed helm.

Swordsmanship: Hit with a Sword.

Tactics: Grow while you hit.

Tailoring: For fast Gains, follow this chart:

0 to 33 buy skill
33 to 45 make plane dresses
45 to 55 make cloaks
55 to 75 make robes
75 to 99.6 make oil cloths
99.6 to 100 make studded tunics
100-120 You get to make studded tunics forever!

A Economical way is:

0 33 Buy 330 Gold
33 49.7 Short Pants 6 Cloth
49.7 54 Skirt 10 Cloth
54 58 Fancy Dress 12 Cloth
58 66.3 Cloak 14 Cloth
66.3 74.6 Robe 16 Cloth
74.6 99.6 Oil Cloth 1 Cloth
99.6 103.7 Studded Gorget 6 Hides
103.7 107.8 Studded Bustier 8 Hides
107.8 112 Studded Armor 10 Hides
112 116 Studded Legs 12 Hides
116 119 Studded Tunic 14 Hides
119 120 Bone Legs 10 Hides, 6 Bones

Tinkering: Follow this Chart:

0-30 buy skill
30 - 48 make keys and copy them
48 - 65 make lockpicks
65 - 90s rotate between lockpicks, heating stands, scales, and spyglasses.
90s - 100 Drop the lockpicks and just roate the three over and over till you GM.

Tracking: Just macro it ever where you go. After you get past the 20 skill mark you have to choose humans to gain.Just macro this and you will be GM in no time.

Veterinary: get 2 Bears and make them hit themselves. Keep Healing them until Gm it.

Wrestling: Hit without any weapon.
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To GM camping you will need alot of kindling or boards to turn into kindling... I suggest setting up a macro to preform the skill every 30 second-- pause 30000-- and walk about collecting reagents for a vendor or for personal use. 

There is no fast way to GM camping just make fires