Author Topic: Deco Palace I & II - Simply Lots of Deco!  (Read 684 times)

January 03, 2017, 12:44:27 PM

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Hi everyone :)

If deco is your thing you may be aware that myself and Marcia (my fiancee) have set up Deco Palace specialising in deco deeds and items, some nice rarities too.

Go to Luna gate, straight East out of the city gates, past the back of the Large Tower and you will see the Deco Palace vendors in the shop! We take gold or ED for all items and can offer discounts for multiple purchases too. A great opportunity to get something you may want from the Deco Mall for less, but we also have lots of deco you can't even buy there.

We also buy deco (budget permitting) and are very interested in old / rare items, deco mall deeds/items, event deco, deco from the various hunts. Not so interested in Xmas deco at the moment though. I will offer a fair price but I wont pay crazy prices :)

We are not on the public gate as we dont have enough vendors unfortunately, and we operate differently from most shops (rules are rules I guess!) but we have a vendor supplying runes!

Also dont forget to pop through the gate in Deco Palace to go to Deco Palace II - we now have 6 floors of decoration in total.

Thanks for checking out our shop!