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December 05, 2016, 12:52:51 PM

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Happy Holidays from UO Evolution Shard!

UO Evolution hit a huge milestone this month! 

This time of year, I like to invite everyone who has played on Evo before, to come back and visit the shard again. We have made many positive changes over the years and has really become the best custom shard.  Feel free to contact Dante to discuss any past issues

We sent out an email to all of out old players from the past 6 years and invited everyone to return for the grand auction and Holiday events.  It is very important that you log in asap if you want to keep your old accounts, we will be doing a shard clean up and house drops in January

I ask the community to welcome all of the new players as well as the returning players. Make sure we help them all get started again with some gear and friendship!

Kane continues to deliver weekly updates every Friday and adds new content for us to all enjoy!  See the forum and developer logs for details.

UO Evolution has been growing again and I would like to keep the momentum going.  We have now hit 657 online last holiday, which very few freeshards have ever achieved. 

Our next goal would to break 700 online!  We will need a community effort to attract new players and grow our playerbase.  Please log in often and keep voting daily to keep us #1 on all the top shard lists!

Also make sure you like us on facebook. We are going to start running more daily events and will post times on facebook and to the front page of the website to keep you up to date

The Staff is making a huge effort to run scheduled events everyday so our players know to log in at specific times.  We are trying to coordinate peak times with large group events to create a fun experience for everyone!

We just updated content again today!

UO Evolution December 2016 Calendar of Events
UOE Daily Events:
*Watch for staff events announced in-game daily
*2 Town Invasions Daily - Random Times
*Bomberman - Random Times hosted by Staff
*Triple Champ Spawn around noon and 7pm daily hosted by Dante
UOE Weekly Events:
*Pet Wars every other Saturday at Noon cst
*Daily New Player Event - New Player Guild/Domino
*Kane's quest/event - random daily during prime time
*Champion Spawn Marathon, every Friday
*New Pirate Champ Event

Free Champ Friday!
One event call in the AM, a second call in the PM (Watch for announcement)
See Rules and Limitations:
Monthly Calendar:
DEC 01 - Candy Cane Hunt Begins
DEC 02 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday
DEC 03 - Pet Wars at Noon cst hosted by Candy

DEC 04 - Hunger Games hosted by Domino
DEC 05 - >>>The North Pole Opens<<<
DEC 06 - >>>Holiday Tree Quest Opens<<<
DEC 07 - Daily Events
DEC 08 - Daily Events
DEC 09 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday

DEC 11 - Hunger Games hosted by Domino
DEC 12 - >>>The 12 Days of Christmas Event Begins!<<<
DEC 13 - Daily Events
DEC 14 - Daily Events
DEC 15 - Daily Events
DEC 16 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday
DEC 17 - Pet Wars at Noon cst hosted by Candy

DEC 18 - >>>Grand Auction at Noon cst<<< Hosted by Zoe and Domino + Hunger Games
DEC 19 - Daily Events
DEC 20 - Daily Events
DEC 21 - Daily Events
DEC 22 - Daily Events
DEC 23 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday
DEC 24 - Christmas Eve

DEC 25 - Christmas Day
DEC 26 - Pet Wars at Noon cst hosted by Candy, Naked Fist Fights 8pm by Dante
DEC 27 - Daily Events
DEC 28 - Daily Events
DEC 29 - Daily Events
DEC 30 - Champ Spawn Marathon every Friday
DEC 31 - New Year's Eve! Pet Wars at Noon cst hosted by Candy
Websites and Info:

Shard Updates

UO Evolution - Upcoming Events

Development Logs

Enjoy your shard!
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hi i cant find the holidaytree quest which opened yesterday, am i looking at the wrong place?

DEC 06 - >>>Holiday Tree Quest Opens<<<

Kane will have it working asap ty
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