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November 03, 2016, 05:19:15 PM

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Our next Player auction will be 4 December 2016.  Tx in advance to Susro and Alexis that's assisting me, A Staff Member will be present at the auction to ensure that there are no issues. There is no  cost associated with the auction.
As its easier  it will be a teamspeak auction:
How it will work:   
•   Limit of 2 items (or item mix bags) per player. (only 2 items of the same type will be accepted)
•   I reserves the right to refuse items or ridiculous reserve prices.
•   Place each item (or mix bags) in a bag/box/crate with a book stating the item name, player name and           
starting/reserve price (which is the same as we start with the reserve price) and what monetary system (gold or ED) that you would like the bids in.
•   Deliver the item to me only, so that I may give you a receipt stating what I received.
•   All bids will start with your reserve price on a item, so starting bid is also the reserve.
•   Only bids will be accepted via team speak, typing the bids in chat only, so no need to be able to talk in team    speak just be able to type and hear me.

Good items like 120 power scrolls, keys, good gear will be appreciated to help with the New Player luck draws.

Auction Rules:
•   All items must be received no later than 3 December 2016.
•   Sales can be done for ED or Gold.
•   All sales are final.
•   Turn off all sweepers before entering the auction house.
•   Shrink your mounts before entering the auction house.
•   Refrain from speaking in local, unless you are bidding.
•   Any grieving will be met with immediate removal.
•   Any grieving will be met with immediate removal.

Auction Date & Location
•   Sunday 4December 2016
•   12:00pm Server Time
•   Shena's Auction House

Auction house is on moon gate, Player Vendor Malls, Shena's Vendor Mall rooftop.  As soon as I receive items I will display items on the rooftop in the display area, Kindly pm myself or Susro, Alexis  in game to hand in your items.
I look forward to your submissions!

*All items that are not sold will be returned to their rightful owners at the end of the auction.

Love Shena
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December 04, 2016, 10:44:05 AM
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Due to great demand here is a list of the awesome stuff up for auction today:

shirt of tseramed
alchemy hat 15
mark of trav
fairy dragon
fall pumpkin table
champ altar active
115 game token
champ platform inactive
archeology set
Domino's decp
halloween deco
tmap rune books
mirror shield
red dragon tali
capt johns
carp set
magi set
mod brown couch
pet feeding bowl
world tele
mythril turn in box
paroxymus swamp dragon
xmas fireplace
domino's deco
mystery magi chest
waterfall deco
green tunic
1k plat hammers
adm coxon hat
kas legs
autumn table apples
champ altar destroyed
harrower platform
kas cloak
jewlry set
mytril ingot
pick axe of the ages
gold pan storage
tali of eclipsing moon
xmas deco
cleric spellbook
xmas tree
shame set
blue belt
evo ring
champ skull holder

December 04, 2016, 01:42:40 PM
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December 04, 2016, 02:55:10 PM
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Wow what a awesome auction, thank you to everyone it was pretty overwhelming. A special thank you to Domino, Alexis and Dio without them I would have drowned. Also a very special thank you to everyone that donated for the new player lucky draws.  I am hoping to do next one in Feb 2017 and already taking in donation items for the new player lucky draws just pm me or even leave in my mailbox.

We smoked teamspeak Domino had to boot afkers to make the auction possible hehe to funny.