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March 11, 2016, 10:33:24 AM

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UO Evolution Upcoming Events

March 12 - Noon cst - Pet Wars, Hellhounds
March 12 - 4:30 cst - Trivia with Domino
March 17 - St. Patrick's Day Events
March 20 - Noon cst - UOE Grand Auction
March 25th- April 5th - Spring Deco Contest, see the forum
March 27 - Noon cst - Easter Events

We will be celebrating Easter all month long in April with themed events and the 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

With the increase in population, we will be doing another house drop and shard clean up in April, watch for the announcements!  Make sure you log in and refresh your accounts.  We will be removing accounts with no activity within the last year and all empty plots that are not currently being built.

Kane has been working hard on completing the Pet breeding, trait system and badge system which will be a truly custom additions and will be exclusive to UO Evolution Shard!  I am very proud of the UOE development and the hard work from the great staff!

Domino has added 100's of new items and deco each month!  She has also added several quests and events.

As you can see the wiki has been updated with new information, helpful links and new screenshots!

See the Dev Logs for detailed info
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I truly love and appreciate the dedication to customer satisfaction this shards staff has. Everybody on the team is friendly and helpful and keeps this game alive. I think I speak for us all when I say you guys rock; keep up the good work!