Author Topic: Player Auction March 27th  (Read 794 times)

March 05, 2016, 11:51:48 PM

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I will be hosting a player run auction at my house Sunday, March 27th 7pm server time. If you have an item you would like posted for auction pm me in game at Blackmamba, pm me here on the forums, or leave a message reply to the thread. I will contact you and arrange a meeting time where you can give me the item for auction in a backpack with a book detailing your name, the items listed, your min bid and buyout if any, and if you want ed/gold or are willing to accept a combination of both. Maximum of two items per player. Items must be submitted by Saturday, March 26th. Bid increments of 100k or 1ed. Good luck and happy bidding!

Items currently up for auction:

Full Trammel / Felucca treasure map library
Supreme endgame champ double axe
1,000 leprechaun gold pile (must be used before March is over)
Quiver of Dacil
Dacil's Trailblazers
500 SoS' in key
Rose Talisman
+2 lockpicking skill everlasting lockpick
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