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February 11, 2016, 03:50:39 PM

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UO Razor Hot Key and Macro Set-up

This is my current setup for pvp:

Weapons/offensive abilities:

` - stun
Alligned with the arm/disarm weapon.

1 - arm/disarm weapon 1
2 - arm/disarm weapon 2
3 - arm/disarm weapon 3
These are for when I play a dexer/alchy mage. Weapon 1 is always a double-handed

weapon. Weapons 2 and 3 are always single handed and preferably poisoned.


alt + ` - recall, absolute target
Always need to have a recall macro handy in case you are outnumbered or just want to

escape some mobs fast!

q - mind blast
alt + q - mind blast, target last target
w - paralyze
alt + w - paralyze, target last target
e - explosion
alt + e - explosion, target last target
r - energy bolt
alt + r - energy bolt, target last target
These work really well for me. As you have noticed, they are all in order for attacking

someone in the field with reflection up: mind blast to take off reflect, paralyze if

you are in a group, then explode and energy bolt, target last target.

i - weaken
o - clumsy
p - feeblemind
All similar spells, and I have them in an order that I personally remember best


a - teleport
Very important for escaping the gank. Especially in Delucia.

s - heal
d - miniheal
Important to have heal and miniheal next to each other, but where you put them is up to

you. I have them in this spot because they are the keys I used back in the day on Great

Lakes with UO Extreme.

alt + s - heal/cure self
alt + d - miniheal/cure self
Very important hotkeys to have, especially for dueling.

f - fireball
alt + f - fireball, target last target
g - lightning
alt + g - lightning, target last target
Similar spells.

z - magic arrow
alt + z - magic arrow, target last target
A quick disrupt macro.

x - harm
alt + x - harm, target last target
One of the most used spells in the game. Very important in duels, but rarely used in

the field.

c - cure
Only use this if you are queuing up cure while anticipating being poisoned or for

curing a friend. Otherwise, just use mini heal/heal/cure self.

v - poison
alt + v - poison, target last target
Very important macro for nox mages to have in field battles.

b - flamestrike
alt + n - reactive armor
alt + m - magic reflection

cntrl + a - chug red potion
cntrl + z - chug blue potion
cntrl + s - chug yellow potion
cntrl + x - chug white potion
cntrl + d - chug orange potion
cntrl + e - chug purple potion
This is quite possibly the best setup for potions. It is set up for quick and easy to

remember combinations: agility + refresh = hold cntrl --> z, a; strength + heal = hold

cntrl --> x, s.

cntrl + alt + e - chug purple potion, pause .150 seconds, cancel target
This is kind of taboo. A lot of people are totally against making macros for doing

explosion potion combos. However, I have heard that people have a macro that they hit

when the potion hits '3' and the combo is impossible to heal. I have yet to witness



t - cycle target
Useful if there is a target onscreen that you do not have a hotkey listed for (in my

case, target random blue).

f3 - set last target
f4 - target random red
f5 - attack last target
f6 - target random criminal
A very good setup as well, especially for alchy dexers: f3, f4, f5 sets last target as

a red (by now, you can tell that I am very into field pvp), and attacks. Doesn't seem

like much at first, but with greater explosion potions, it already sets you up a last

target to chuck at.

mousewheel down - target self
mousewheel up - target last target
Unconfusing, and quick to press as you can have one hand on the keyboard pressing

hotkeys for spells, and the other hand quickly giving a target.


escape - equip knife
In my opinion, this is the best place to set equip a knife due to the fact that

pressing escape will cancel a spell anyway.

/ - use once
This can be annoying sometimes as I occassionally team chat with the hotkeys enabled. I

keep meaning to change this one but never get around to it.

shift + s - use bandage on self
Notice that all my heal hotkeys are all set to "s," or some variation of "s," with

exception to miniheals.

cntrl + alt + s - use bandage

cntrl + ` - enable/disable razor hotkeys
A good combination that is easy and quick to press, but never pressed during chat.

space bar - cancel target
Useful in duels when you want to fake a dump without having to equip.

\ - stop macro
I use this a lot with tailors/alchemists/etc. Also can be used when you run any kind of

target macro; if the target cannot be found then the macro will not stop and it will

most likely not allow you to run another macro.

- - equip wand

+ - use item in hand
I really don't use wands that often, hence I have them reserved for these keys that are

at the opposite end of the keyboard. I have the equip and use keys placed next to

eachother for quick healing/breaking paralyze if i happen to have one on me.

Thief Hotkeys:

` - stun
f1 - disarm
Offensive abilities placed closely together.

f3 - set last target
f2 - steal
2 - last target (set in UO)
I play a stun thief. 1. Open paperdoll. 2. Set weapon as last target. 3. Activate

disarm. 4. Queue up steal. 5. Hit last target. Quick and easy: double click opponent,

f3, click, f1, f2, 2 = a brand new vanquishing war hammer for my alchy dexer :) Or:

alt + ` - use skill steal, last target (set in UO for quicker execution)

alt + 1 - useskill hide

shift + s - bandage self
ctrl + alt + s - use bandage

/ - use once
Always carry around 3 pretrapped pouches (trapped by your mage) in case you decide to

steal from a para-spammer. The key is to pop the pouch not right after you get

paralyzed, but when the opponent begins casting their follow up spell, which is usually

explosion. If you time it right you'll be way off screen by the time they have

completed their precast unless they are smart enough to cancel their spell, which they

usually aren't because they were stupid enough to get robbed in the first place.

Well I'm tired now. I hope some people will find this useful and no longer have to ask
for the "best hotkey setup," because really there is none. Its all about what is fastest, easy to remember, and comfortable for you.

February 11, 2016, 03:54:45 PM
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