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January 08, 2016, 09:20:54 AM

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Battle Board

Each player will be given a number from 1-10 (or however many players are playing)

You will take turns playing starting with number 1. When I call your number, roll the dice. Please make sure you wait till your number is called before rolling. If a player lands on a yellow or green square their turn involves additional actions.

If you land on a blue square, I will spawn a blue lesser prize scroll. Please pick it up. You may turn this in to the NPC at the end of the game.


If you land on a green square you must choose someone already on the board, then roll your dice. That person will move back according to your roll. If no players are on the board this square is null. If the player moving backwards hits the beginning white square they will stop there.

If you land on a Yellow square you must choose someone, then roll your dice. You may choose a player not already on the board.That person will move forward according to your roll.

While playing the game you may be presented with choices.

You may choose to try and take the shortcut throught the center (red and white squares), however if you land on a red square you have to go back to the beginning. You may attempt this as many times as you like.*note a player who has reached the end white square is now on the main board. If another player chooses him/her to go backwards they will proceed backwards along the main board. This is because once they reach that last white square they are considered to be safe.

If you choose to try and get one of the greater prize scrolls (Orange) You must complete the path, meaning you must go to the end before heading back. You may only attempt any one of these detours ONCE.

When everyone is settled I will spawn in front of each person a pair of dice and a Battleboard number (book with your number in it).

Have fun with this, if someone sends you back, remember them. Some really interesting things have happened on the battle board.

A couple points.

If you have to leave or go afk, and we get to your turn, I will call your number twice. If you do not respond we will move on. If you still are not responding by the second time you will be removed from gameplay.

Typically only 10 players play at a time, because any more tends to make the game excessively long and players end up waiting too long between turns (boring). It is also less confusing for me with fewer players.

DO NOT! cast spells, run macros, use any polymorph spells, run around on the board, open your prizes on the board, roll your dice unless it is your turn (your number is called or you are on a green/yellow square)

DO! Let me know if I skipped someone! Pay attention to rolls and if someone makes an error let me/and them know.(counting is hard) PM me if you have to go afk or are unable to finish the game.
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