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January 01, 2016, 11:24:40 PM

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I like the new arrangement for the donation page, with one reservation.  I donated for the new player special when I started just over a month ago and it has been invaluable and got me hooked onto this server.  As I have gotten to know the wiki, I'm better at navigating it, but a new player will not be and will have no idea that the 'new player special' is hidden in the list under 'player services'.  While I think that the advance in 'navigatibiltiy' was immense in the last update, I would say that veteran players know how to find what is available, but new players do not.  Make the new player special a central feature on the donation wiki to facilitate new players becoming hooked on the shard =)

Yes tyvm for the suggestion!
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February 23, 2016, 05:14:03 PM
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agreed! If I had known about that I would have donated for it when I started, but I did not hear about it until it was too late. Also a question on donation, I hear conflicting info. Some say you get 1 mil gold for each dollar donated. And it is unclear what all a donation gives. For example say I donate 10 a month subscription based, and then donate 30$ one time on top of that, what would that entail me to have?
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February 24, 2016, 09:43:12 AM
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A subscription gives you double ED each month as a reward for helping me plan the future budget of the shard.  You also receive the monthly 10 tier gift

If you donate an additional, single donation of $30 you would get 300ed and the 10 and 25 tier gift for that month

$1 = 10ed

100ed = 1M gold from a donation

See the donation page for details
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February 25, 2016, 08:25:10 AM
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I'll say from personal experience that the new player donation is a super deal! It's only $20 and you get roughly $60 worth of stuff! I had no idea how much that additional 700 skill ball and the power skulls would come in handy! Skills like hiding, poisoning, and many of the crafting skills are mostly impossible to get as 120 scrolls in the game. Not to mention that if you do find them, they end up costing right around what an red skull costs anyway. Do yourself a favor and pick this package up if your new... it's well worth it IMO!

On a side note, if your donating as a new player I'd suggest you just go ahead and donate $25 your first time and get the new player special but also take advantage of the $25 tier while your at it for $5 more. And don't forget you can purchase more than one if you want more skill points and skulls. Ok I'll stop sounding like a car salesman.  :P

- Reside

February 25, 2016, 09:19:04 AM
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id love to buy the new player donation but my account is past two weeks now :( I didn't see it was available until I was already 30 days
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