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December 17, 2015, 03:35:22 AM

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As a young boy he aspired to follow in the steps of the fabled avatar. Young Ian rose to the occasion as a tournament was held in his town of Vesper. A natural, he rose to the final few matches, and bested everyone till his last match. During the last bout he was to face the town guard captain. The Captain of the guard defeated young Ian with ease, but noticed the potential in him, and asked him to travel with him back to castle brittish to meet the king. When he arrived, he was tested and again, as before, showed great potential. He was to become a Knight. He started as a squire, and for several years remained as such. When the Next tournament came, he won with great ease. his weapon of choice a sword, and of course a shield. He was placed on a Council of knights, known for his expertise in combat with a sword and shield. He traveled to the lands of malas and learned the dark art of Necromancy, using the power of the fallen to channel his hate and remorse into strength, eventually himself, becoming undead. He then traveled to the land of the elves, learning to weave magic and summon the power of nature around him, and use it to his advantage. Not only being able to grasp the powers of light and death, he Began to study the virtues, using it to better understand the magic he had give it purpose.

    One day he began to realize that the kingdom he served was becoming corrupt...taxing its citizens horridly and causing strife among them. He vowed to seek justice for his family and friends. The guard that he looked up to being retired.... and the new captain abusing his power, he issued a challenge. Single combat. the day before the combat was to take place, the Elder of the Knights came bearing a gift. He gave him a suit of armor that was blessed, and each peice being named after a virtue. He was given a sword...and a shield. This was no ordinary sword though...twas a holy sword...and when he wielded it, he became...different. He became cold, bitter....ruthless. The next day there was no contest. He slaughtered the new guard and was found victorious. The people happy, but weary, were thankful, but the young knight they knew was gone.

    Ian, ashamed at what he had become, left the kingdom. Wandering the lands doing good deeds when able, and surviving off the land and in small towns wears a shroud to mask his armor. He removes it rarely, to bathe clean and remind himself of the virtues he swore to uphold as a knight....they say that when he goes into combat the armor is as red as the crimson blood that runs through our veins and sustains us. To people he as known as the Crimson Knight. he is a drifter, and not one to be trifled with.