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October 26, 2015, 08:48:02 AM

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November 22nd - PLAYER AUCTION
Please read all information as some things have been changed.

Basic Information
This auction is for the players, by the players. We are fully sanctioned by Dante, and supported by Kane. Both of whom I owe a great deal of thanks to. Kane is present at each auction to enforce the rules and to provide us with some goodies as bonuses to our regular auction. We have a display house for upcoming auction items, located just in front of the EVO auction house - the earlier you enter your items, the better chance you have of it being displayed!  This auction does not cost anything to enter, though tips are appreciated.

We do allow bio-pets, however the owner must be present at the auction. After the auction for the pet closes the payment goes directly to the owner and the transfer completed with the buyer.

We will accept houses in the auction, a landmark will be placed at the auction display house prior to the auction for those interested to look at the property. Please note that any items in the house, including the design, are part of the sale - empty the parcel/house prior to handing over landmark. Also, if the house includes decor, an estimated value of those items should be disclosed. 

Duplicate Items
We reserve the right to refuse duplicate items. In the interest of time and a vibrant economy, we will limit items to 2 of like kind in the auction. (ex. - 2 bank crystals). This will not apply to player created items, as they generally have different stats, skills, etc. However, the rule will apply to the Black Belt & Dragon Cloaks (unfinished).

Mystery Boxes
We accept mystery boxes, though they will not be placed out for viewing due to those naughty folks that can't help but peek!  The boxes can contain anything of value (ex. Decor - Weapons - Rares). The pricing for the box will be evaluated based on the contents, giving an estimated value price when presenting the box. There can be no reserve on mystery boxes.

Reserve Pricing
Reserve pricing will now act as the starting price for that item. Please keep in mind that ridiculously high prices may not sell your item, gauge your pricing carefully to ensure that you can at least get close to what you would really like for an item. (ex. Item desired price 10 Mil - Reserve start 7 Mil) We do reserve the right to refuse items with unreasonably high reserve prices.

Open Bid
An open bid leaves the item without a reserve and starts at 0.

Auction Standards
At the beginning of each auctioned item, the reserve (if any) will be announced, as well as if the item is going for ED or Gold. The standard of exchange from gold to ED is 1ED = 100,000.  The auction will be called in the gold equivalent of ED. (ex. 20 ED bid - announced as 2 Mil).

Auction Submission Information
2 Items allowed per person. Mystery boxes and multiple items in a set count as one item. *This may be adjusted.
When submitting items include the following in a bag/box - Item to be sold - Book including your name, item description & reserve or open bid price.
Items can only be submitted to Zarolin Milev & Shena. Items will be received until November 20th.

Auction Rules
Turn off all sweepers & scavengers prior to entering the auction house.
No mounts or pets allowed inside of the auction house - the exception being bio-pets being sold.
No talking in local unless you are bidding or have a question regarding the current item. Repeat offenses will result in removal.
Any griefing will result in immediate removal.
All sales are final after "sold" has been said, if another bid comes in and posts prior to sold, then the auction continues.

Auction Date & Location
Sunday – November 22nd
12:00PM Server time (noon)
EVO Auction House

Note To Sellers - Items unsold and Gold/ED will be available about an hour after the auction ends.

I look forward to our next auction!
Love & Cookies - Zarolin


November 15, 2015, 10:33:40 AM
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Awesome Holiday Deco Pack

Master Keys

300 Luck Deed

Addon Key

Armory Key (Clothing, Jewelry, Armor, Weapons)

Gluttony Barrel

Shield of Sin

Gem Key (Display)

Clothing Hamper

200 Use Platinum Runic Hammer

Mirror Shield (Re-Id'd as Lantern)

Tree of Lust

Tree of Greed

Evo Cloak

Treasure Key with 500 SOS

Canadian Thanksgiving Table

Mirror Shield w/TONS of stuff!

Ethy Charger

Weapons Rack

Jewelry Box

Socket Key

Undead Worg

Tome of Nature

Talisman of Flame

Jewelry Key

Addon Box Key

3 Finger Jack Goldpan Key


Chest of Treasure

Personal Dye Tub

Pet Slot Deeds

Bio-Engineering Tools

Ore & Scroll of the Magi

Armory (Clothing, Jewelry, Weapons, Armor)

3...yes 3 Mystery boxes!!! *psst*...they are freaking amazing!!

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Somebody buy me something perty!

- Reside

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*bumps* More added to the auction!!