Author Topic: 2 suggestions  (Read 608 times)

June 22, 2015, 08:15:39 AM

Offline Leighton

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hi, at first i want to ask, if its possible to remove the timer of runebooks between 2 recalls...its not SO important but sometimes crosses my macros so the recall was not executed and so i have to wait to recall again.

and next thing: i know that most player uses shield and a 1-hand-weapon, what was changed from 2-hand to they have good damage and further slot to socket....but what is with the bushido-users? i like this skill and so i only can use 2-handed-weapon if i dont want to get a defense malus...this and the slot for sockets are in my opinion 2 disadavantages so i want to ask if its possible to implement a deed for "change 1-handed in 2-handed" weapon for ED.